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Pre Operative Assessment

Before your operation you will usually attend the Spire Hospital's Pre- Operative Assessment Unit, where you will be asked questions about your health, and may have blood tests, ECG recordings and Xrays taken.

Your anaesthetist will normally meet you on the day of surgery having reviewed this information.

Occasionally our Urology colleagues may ask us to see you in clinic before the operation. This is usually only necessary if you suffer from additional medical conditions that would significantly increase your risks of undergoing anaesthesia or surgery. 

Advice before your surgery

Starvation – We require that for morning lists starting at 8am, you do not eat after midnight the day before your procedure. For evening lists starting at 4pm, you may have a light breakfast before 9:30am. You may drink clear fluids up to 3 hours before your anaesthetic. Clear fluids are water, black tea or coffee (including sugar).Milk, on its own or in tea or coffee, fruit juice and alcoholic drinks must be avoided.

Regular Medication – You should take regular medication when you normally take it with the following exceptions.

                Diabetic Tablets- You should not take diabetic medication on the day of your procedure.

Aspirin and Clopidogril- These are usually discontinued for 7 days before your procedure. If you are taking these medicines because you have a coronary artery stent, please contact BUA or ourselves. 

Warfarin- If you are taking warfarin this should be stopped 3-5 days before your procedure. If you are taking warfarin because you have a mechanical heart valve, please contact BUA or ourselves before stopping it.

ACE Inhibitors – These drugs should be omitted on the day of surgery. They are drugs that end in –pril, such as ramipril, enalapril, and lisinopril. Also avoid drugs that end in –sartan, such as losartan, candersartan, and valsartan.

Herbal and Alternative Medicines- We advise that you discontinue alternative or herbal remedies a week before your procedure.

Smoking- We strongly advise that you consider stopping smoking before your operation. Even stopping for 48 hours before will be of benefit to you during your anaesthetic. Remember that hospitals are non smoking environments so you may require nicotine patches if you will be staying overnight in hospital.

Dental Work- We advise that if you have any loose teeth or dental work that you visit your dentist prior to your procedure.

Further Information

Click on the Link to the Royal College of Anaesthetists Patient Information Site.